Rep. Phillips presenting HB 4236 to bring new
clean coal power plan to Coles County
The House Agriculture and Conservation Committee approved legislation sponsored by State Representative Reggie Phillips (R-Charleston) to allow the construction of a small scale clean coal power plant in Eastern Illinois. According to Rep. Phillips, “This is great news for Eastern Illinois, anytime we have an opportunity to bring more jobs to our region; it’s a win-win.”

Representative Phillips introduced House Bill 4236, at the request of Angela Griffin, President of Coles Together, the Economic Development Corporation for Coles County. According to Angela Griffin, the new power plant could create an estimated 400 temporary construction jobs and 40 to 60 full time jobs - with average salaries of $80k a year.

The intent is to build a small 77 megawatt (MW) net clean coal generation plant in Eastern Illinois at the site of the old FutureGen clean coal power plant facility. The power plant would be built solely with private funds. Current law states a goal that Illinois generate 25% of its energy from clean coal facilities. Due to the fact that no clean coal facilities currently exist, this goal has never been met.

Rep. Phillips added, “I was happy to carry this bill for the Economic Development Corporation of Coles County. This new development will bring much needed jobs to our state. If we are successful, this new clean coal power plant would be the first one to operate in Illinois, a historic opportunity not only for our region – but for our state as well.”

House Bill 4236 is now headed to the House floor where it will be voted on by the entire Illinois House of Representatives.