House and Senate back in session
The General Assembly returned to Springfield April 24 to begin the hectic final weeks of the legislative session before the scheduled May 31 adjournment date. House members have until the end of this week to get bills passed out of the House. After that, the House will begin consideration of legislation coming over from the Senate.

Moody’s Investors Service labels current Illinois budget situation “unsustainable”
The globally-followed credit-rating firm Moody’s, which has downgraded debt securities issued by the state and its affiliates in the recent past, has issued another warning. In the most recent caution issued to Springfield, Moody’s indicated that if the state does not enact a budget by May 31, Illinois will be on a pathway to “unsustainable fiscal challenges.”

State Representative Reggie Phillips (R-Charleston) was honored to be joined in Springfield by students from Eastern Illinois University and Lake Land College. The students visited Phillips at the Capitol on Wednesday April 5.

Pictured with Rep. Phillips are representatives of the Student Advisory Group at EIU: Morales Newton, Zachary Cohen, Lucas Johnson, Alleluia Musabayimana & Randy Prince.

Joining Rep. Phillips from Lake Land College Student Government were (Back Row) Chandler Ballinger, Blake Durham, Brock Hammond, Charles Meeker, Jensyn Morrison, Kaitlin Slider, Rep. Phillips, (Front Row) Orlando Walters Campuzane, Taylor Higgins, Cassandra Hall, Kristen Morben, Melanie Adams, Lina Ngcopos
House observes deadline for moving bills out of committee
As of this week, more than 4,000 bills have been filed by House members for the 2017 spring session.  Only a fraction of these bills can be approved in House committee and sent to the House floor for further discussions and debate, and House members learned this week how many of their bills have survived this stage of the process.