Phillips, House Pass “Stand with Israel” Resolution

As tensions in the Middle East continue to escalate, State Representative Reggie Phillips this week led his House colleagues in reaffirming our solidarity with our friends and allies in the Nation of Israel. Phillips’s “Stand with Israel” resolution (HR173) was adopted unanimously Tuesday by the Illinois House.

“Violence and terror caused by ISIS and the serious nuclear threat posed by Iran’s growing influence in the Middle East make it more important today than ever before that we stand firm with our friends in Israel,” Phillips said. “Terrorists have targeted both our nations for attack because we stand for personal freedoms and opportunity – all of the things they despise.”

Phillips’s “Stand with Israel” resolution reaffirms Illinois’ friendship with and support for the people of Israel, our strongest allies in the Middle East region.

“The current administration in Washington may waiver and send mixed messages, but today the Illinois House today sent a clear message that we will continue to stand with Israel against threats to our nations and our shared values,” Phillips said.

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