Rep. Phillips Urges Passage of “Stand with Israel” Resolution

In the midst of growing turmoil in the Middle East, State Representative Reggie Phillips took to the Illinois House floor today encouraging his colleagues to reaffirm our solidarity with the Nation of Israel. Phillips (R-Charleston) urged swift House consideration and approval of his “Stand with Israel” resolution, House Resolution 173.

“We are all aware of the dangerous events unfolding in the Middle East. Iran’s push for nuclear weapons capability and the terror being spread by the rise of ISIS in parts of Iraq and Syria in particular pose a very real and immediate threat to us, and to our friends and allies in Israel. Make no mistake, extremists in the region want Israel, and the United States as well, wiped off the map because we stand firm for freedom and opportunity. We must continue to make that stand together,” Phillips said.

Phillips’s “Stand with Israel” resolution encourages the Illinois House to reaffirm its friendship with and support for the people of Israel, our strongest allies in the Middle East region. The resolution is currently in the House Rules Committee awaiting reassignment to a standing committee for debate.

“For the past several years President Obama and the Democrats in Washington have unfortunately been sending mixed messages to Israel about the United States’ commitment to defending our mutual interests. With passage of House Resolution 173 we can send a very clear message that the State of Illinois stands with our friends in Israel,” Rep. Phillips said.

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