Rep. Phillips Applauds Gov. Rauner’s Honest State of the State Assessment, Commitment to Job Creation

“The first step to solving any problem is a thorough, honest assessment of the situation; and we got
that today in Governor Rauner’s first State of the State address.

I couldn’t agree more with the Governor that to turn Illinois around we must focus on expanding job opportunities for our families and easing their property tax burden. And, as he said, it will be about empowering working families and employers who create jobs. A great place to start is by enacting real workers compensation reform that will help make us competitive again with our neighboring states.

We also agree on the need to downsize government, starting with combining the State Treasurer and Comptroller’s office to save $12 million annually. Finally, we’re headed in the right direction.” 

                                          -State Representative Reggie Phillips (R-Charleston)

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